Cycling:Rent our mountain bikes and explore the depths of the bamboo forest and the beauty of the local lakes.

Hiking: Hiking from our villa to the top of nearby Moganshan mountain takes 3 hours. This impressive view is worth the effort. There are three additional classical hiking routes from the lodge, all easily accessible with a series of photos and route instructions you can download to your phone.

Tour of Reservoirs: Just seconds away from the villa, there is the Dazaowu Reservior and 30 minutes from the villa (on foot), there is the DaDouWu Reservoir. These are beautiful places and, in the summertime, many people can't help jumping into the water and enjoying a swim.

Local Chinese food and Pizza Courtyard: Enjoy our fresh food and local flavours. We also have an Italian clay oven where we make delicious stone-baked pizzas.

Tachi and Sama Yoga: Experience two-day retreats where you can fully devote yourself to nature and the spirit of Qi and Zen; enjoy Tai chi and Sama yoga classes while allowing the bamboo forest to calm your spirit and replenish your inner energy.

Traditional Chinese Charcoal Communal Brassier: You can relax around the brassier with your friends and family. Why not enjoy this delicious cooking method while enjoying a glass of wine during a cool winter evening?

Yoga: We have a beautiful observation deck on the roof of our villa. It is a great place to take in the view and enjoy some self-directed yoga. We have yoga mats at the lodge and you can use these at any time during your stay..

Picking Tea Leaves: We can take you to a local tea plantation where you can pick leaves and learn about the art of tea farming and production.

Dig Bamboo Shoots: We can lead deep into the bamboo forest and you learn traditional harvesting methods that have not changed for centuries.

Local culture experience activities: We offer introductory Chinese painting and calligraphy classes as well as traditional Chinese medicine lessons and dumpling making lessons (please check the promotion/events schedules).

Wendding party:enjoy the romatic and unique wedding party in the nature and baboo forest.

Team building& meeting: achieve the team target in a pleasure envioment and have a lot of fun and activitities at the same time.